Hamburger and Sandwich Bread Production Line

Hamburger and Sandwich Bread Production Line



  • Electric and electronic issues on the machine can visually be seen on the screen and precautions can be taken.
  • The machine's general settings are done through PLC controlled touch screens.
  • In case of a failure in the PLC program, the program can be re-installed from a safe distance.
  • The working parts and belts can easily be removed and inserted.
  • The machine can easily be cleaned
  • Our machines are at the top of its class in Turkey.
  • The machine is not affected by significant heat changes
  • All the information in the machine can be stored in memory and reused.
  • The speed of all the belts can be changed.
  • The machine can easily be learned to use


  • The machine's body and parts are made from (304 quality) Chrome-Nickel (CRNI), rustproof metal.
  • The machine can serve 6 pieces of dough at equal masses
  • The machine slices dough that has a mass range in between 40-140 grams
  • The machine can slice and roll approximately 11,000 pieces of roll bread dough per hour (hamburger dough - 10,000 pieces / hr, sandwich dough - 8,000 pieces / hr)
  • A clean atmosphere is created due to the use of little amounts of flour during the slicing of dough
  • The amounts of flour needed can be set for the sliced dough
  • The machine does not manually require to be oiled, the oiling system is done automatically
  • The slicing of dough with no pressure has it's unique quality of which does not fret the dough.


  • This machine is used for products that needs to be shaped in a form
  • The sliced dough, if not rested for a period of time after cooking results in breakage, frets and cracks.
  • The main purpose of fermentation is to take on the stress that the sliced and damaged dough faces.
  • After the arrival of 6 doughs from slicing it is then divided by 2 into the fermentation machine
  • There is a total of 140 rows where 3 baskets are positioned to be in each row. 120 rows are totally filled with dough whereas the remaining 20 are the ones that return to start to pick up fresh doughs. As a result, there are 360 piece of baskets filled with dough each time.
  • The baskets are appropriate for the food to be carried in. The material is made out of polymers where it can also be cleaned
  • At it's maximum speed fermentation period only takes 2.5 minutes
  • The fermentation machine has direct bands at the bottom of the machine
  • When the fermentation machine is not in use the direct bands are used to transfer doughs that have arrived from the slicing.


  • In the shaping unit there is the shaping, compressing bands, ***
  • Compressing band is used to give a circular shape
  • Forming pad
  • Depending on the mass of the dough, the length and shape of the product can easily be set
  • The lining apparatus lines up the sandwich types of dough individually so that it's not messy. After the 3 pieces are lined up in a row these are then transported for packaging.