Steam Tube Deck Oven

Steam Tube Deck Oven


The most important feature of ETO steam tube deck oven, It’s heating system is different to the traditional deck ovens

Heat ensures with circulating of liquid that is heated between decks. Because of each deck’s surface and ceiling bathes with these tubes, it is ensured equal heating circulation in each point of baking surface. So, equal baking balance is guaranteed. 

Steam generator is separately available for each deck.

Control panel can be optionally produce by touchable screen or manual panel.

Burning chamber and gas channels have been produced by refractory bricks.

Heat maintains long time inside of oven’s body that was produced owing to fibre wool which is existed a thick layer. Besides, owing to this insulation system, it provides quick heat collection of oven and same quality and balanced products in every time of one after another baking.

Our models have named to be BETO 12- BETO 13,5 and BETO 18 that are produced by pouring chimney out to the surface of oven. Models are ETO 80 – ETO 110 and ETO 160 which have not chimney to the surface 


Gas or diesel burner Manual button or touchscreen control panel