Rotary Convection Oven

Rotary Convection Oven


Rotary convection oven has been designed especially for producing cake, pastry, sandwich bread at pastry shops, restaurants, hotels and bakery shops.

Owing to rotary platform and heat circulation systems with double fans, in each place on the tray that provides equal heat distribution and baking balance.

The oven can be produced with touchscreen or manual control panel.

The oven can be produced with Electric or Gas heating systems.

The oven manufactured by stainless steel. Energy saving was ensured with a good heating insulation. It works safely owing to it’s limit key rotary platform system and two pieces security thermostat system.

The required steam quantity supplies by the cascade type powerful steam generator.

Hood at the top of the oven is a standard hardware with a aspirator fan.

Fermentation unit can be placed bottom of the oven which provides humidity and heat for fermenting products.


Electric or gas heating system

Manual or touch screen control panel

Fermentation unit or ss table at the bottom of oven