Deck Oven Loading Robot

Deck Oven Loading Robot


Thanks to semi or full automated loading/unloading robot which relief the bakers for many difficulties such as manpower and wasting time in bakery business.

By the semi-automated loading system, user can position the dough on transport band himself than instruct the loader to be discharged into requested deck. At the end of baking time, an alarm signal to user and waits for instruction to collected the products. Software and automation system reduced at the semi-automated systems as much as possible.

Full automated systems are completely different. The deck to be discharged or production collected, baking timing, movement between decks are completely controlled by the software system. The only thing user must do is, feeding the robot by the pallets which has dough products on itself.

A new system that can be adapted to full automated system able to collect the dough pieces from pallet trolleys directly (no need manual dough feeding by user). The only thing the user must to do is moving the trolley from fermentation cabinet to front of pre-loading dock and locked the trolley on the system.

A transportation band can be adapted to the system and the products are moved to packing area automatically. Alternatively, the baked products can be discharged on cooling trolleys also.

The loading system can be designed for your existing oven and can be placed order. By the way you don’t need to make extra expenses by buying a new deck oven.