Deck Ovens With Automatic Loading System

Deck Ovens With Automatic Loading System


ATS multi deck oven produced towards high production capacity, expandable and untouched production requirement of our customers in following time as considering the latest technology.

Cyclothermic or steam tube heating systems are the two alternatives in production line.

Due to the cyclothermic system's adjustable air flow valves and the computer controlled baking system, air flow of each deck can be controlled. Thus, uniform baking is provided on whole surface regardless of upper or lower deck.

Uniform baking guaranteed by steam tube system. Because pipes are covering around of each deck and heat is reaching everywhere equally. Uniform baking obtained on whole surfaces of the oven as transferring energy by pipes that located up and down of each deck.

ATS's multi deck oven which can be produced as 3-4-5 or 6 decks able to supply all needs of our customers regardless of product variety through automatic loading-unloading robot system, multifunctional baking, settings, combination via different dough processing machines.

Thanks to the isolation system, the heat produced can be kept in the oven for a long time. In addition, this heat isolation technology helps for quick heat recovery, same baking quality on production and continuous baking.

Base and gas channels of the oven are made by fire-proof bricks. This system is very important, it is causing an equal heat delivery to all surface.

Each deck can be loaded or unloaded easily by single operation of loading unit and gates of decks stay open for a very limited time that heat wasting is prevented and it helps to save energy.

ATS deck ovens can be operating by gas or diesel type solid energy sources

The oven is suitable for high or low baking temperatures which could be up to 300 ºC. In both models, upper or lower deck's baking heat balance is maintained.

Dough can be automatically taken from the wooden panels to the loading band.

Baked products are transposed via a belt to the next station for cooling or packaging.

The oven can be manufactured with 3, 4, 5 or 6 floors optionally. 

Whole system is managed via touchscreen panel and 250 different baking options can be loaded in system memory. Whole production facility can be observed through single system up to three ovens owing to multifunctional and colourful untouched panel.

Connection to the computer software is easy in case of any demand or problem accurse if internet connection is available on site.

Control program is developed by the software engineers employed at ATS to serve our clients better and faster.

Our clients can observe the situatipn of the production line via ios or android system based mobile devices through internet connection.

ATS multi deck loading oven presented with its various specifications and it has latest technology in supplying all our customer's needs.


Gas or diesel sourced heating system

Transportation belt at the exit

Water spray at entrance or exit

Scoring unit (knifing unit)

Vacuum cleaner

Multideck oven for 3-4-5 or 6 decks

External steaming device