Bakery Equipment

We are Small But Important In Bakeries...
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Automatic Tray Loading Robot

To Reach High Capacity With The Most Hygienic Conditions...
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Dough Processing Machines

We Continue To Produce Enkomak Machines.
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Pastry Ovens

Ideal Baking Result For Pastry Products
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Deck Ovens and Automated Loading System

High Capacity, Fast and Easy Operation
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Rotary Convection Ovens

For Perfect Estetic and Tests...
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We represent our experience and knowledge in food processing industry with the machines that we are producing and selling to our valuable customers. Today, with the 30 different models in the portfolio of bakery and pastry equipment, we become a leading and one of the most trustable manufacturer within our industry. We encourage you to have a look at our wide range products presented in the website. Hope to see you as an ATS customer soon.


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