Dough Sheeter

Dough Sheeter


The operator's job is made easier and faster when adjusting the pasty thickness by using a simple, innovative joystick.

This machine provides the perfect alternative to the manual dough sheeter and the automatic dough sheeter, the former more traditional and the latter, more complicated and expensive.

Simplicity is unquestionably the strong point of this machine for customers who want to keep up with the times without revolutionizing their working methods.

Reliability and strength are of prime importance in this and in all ATS machines.

ATS dough sheeter have been designed and studied for functional operation and simple use.

All our models are ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, confectioners and small and medium bakeries.

ATS dough sheeter comply with international safety standards.

Control lever/Joystick: when the joystick is moved to the right and left the conveyor belts move respectively to the right/left: when the joystick is moved forwards or backwards, the cylinders go up/down respectively.

Emergency stop button

Actual cylinder measurement indicator

Dough thickness setting indicator

The desired thickness can be adjusted by unscrewing and moving the knobs

Indication of the maximum cylinder opening setting

Reset button to return to the initial position