Twin or Single Color Cookie Depositor

Twin or Single Color Cookie Depositor


The machine is ideal for pastry shops and cookie producers that has medium and big capacities.

The machine produce pastry and cookie products with single or double colors. Wire-cut system is also standard.

With the different molds that can be provided with the machine, many different cookies are being produced.

Trays are automatically moves on the conveyor and products are placed properly.

As an advantage of ATS pastry machines, it has tray storage area on the machine and the system takes the trays automatically to feed the machine. By the way single user can control the machine easily. This advantage helps to owners to control the machine easily and save labor cost.

All the parts that connecting the products are stainless steel.

User friendly touch screen controlled

Exceptional accuracy of products weight, size and shape.

Many different recipes can be loaded to the computer system and can be recalled later easily for the same product. This also helps to user to catch the production standard.

Two motors placed into depositor to provide different thickness to different colors on cookie.

Nine different molds are provided with the machine as free of charge.

We can also supply powder machine, tray, trolley, mixer and baking oven. The tray trolley is loaded as demounted position to save area and transport cost while transportation.

A compressor needed to run the system and the machine is an option.

Stainless steel model also available. All in one machine as single color, double color and wire-cut pastries




Extra molds

Trays and trolleys

Stainless steel outside covers